Halswell Students are highly self motivated and love to learn. They encourage and inspire others and make the most of opportunities available.

  • All students are given opportunities to become involved and try new things.
  • Performance opportunities and competitions are on going.
  • Many experts are brought in to share their knowledge and skills with the students.
  • They have an impressive reputation of academic excellence and also outstanding achievements in extra curricular activities both at and beyond the school.
  • Parents are very family focussed and support the school to ensure their children have the best education possible.
  • The local community has many extra activities for children in the area. The Halswell library (Te Hāpua) has after school activities.
  • The Halswell community has many additional options for children e.g., soccer, rugby, touch, netball, softball ,martial arts, boxing, dance, drama and clubs
  • The Halswell community has many groups for adults to join, pottery, English classes, walking groups, mahjong, yoga fitness etc.