Our Student Council helps to empower our vision of ‘Learning to Thrive’ through being a voice for our learners.

T Group representatives from across the school attend council meetings once a week, bringing with them the thoughts, feelings and ideas of their classmates. These children have the power to influence decisions made in the school through taking action, fundraising and bringing the voice of their peers to the Lead Team.

The motto of our Student Council is: Help plant the seed that makes our school grow . Please see below our Student Council of 2024.

Jesse: Co-chair
Lucia: Co-chair
Xurik: Treasurer
Olivia: Secretary

Huritini Representatives

T10: Himani
T11: Annika
T14: Cooper
T15: Stella

Ōrongomai Representatives

T20: Paige
T21: Beau
T22: Eliza
T23: Isla
T24: Albie
T25: Chelsea
T26: Emma
T27: Maia

Ōtāwhito Representatives

T30: Zach
T31: Daisy
T32: Lesley
T33: Olivia
T34: Tyson
T35: Amelia
T40: Cassiel
T41: Maceo
T42: Bailey
T43: Emily
T44: Japleen