Welcome to the Halswell School PTA. We are a group of representative parents that work alongside of the teachers and Board of Trustees to help achieve a fantastic learning environment for our children. Every parent within the school community are informal members of the PTA, so feel free to come to our meetings, as and when you can.

We encourage parents to view the meetings primarily as a forum to gain an understanding of how the school is governed and any important developments taking place. Our Principal, Stuart Cameron reports on relevant topics of interest for our school and a selection of teachers give presentations on their specific areas of involvement

We aim for our meetings to be a relaxed platform for parents to learn and openly discuss current developments.

For those parents who wish to be more involved, we organise fundraisers to purchase specific items within the school. In the past we have contributed to some awesome equipment in the Art’s Suite, a portable flag with the school emblem on, to the upgrade of the school website, badges for Year 8 leavers, classroom and sports equipment.

The committee is responsible for the co-ordination of the school Tuck Shop, Road Patrol, Community Support and Sausage Sizzles.

PTA Committee

Chairperson: Natasha Buckby
Secretary: Clare Attenborough
Treasurer: Krystall Cumming



Meeting Dates and Minutes

Term 2
11 June 2019

31 May 2016
April Minutes 2016


The following services are run by volunteers.  If you would like to be involved, please contact the coordinators listed below.  Generally, you will be required to help out once or twice a term.

Tuck Shop

Thank you for your patience and encouragement as we have undergone the task of re-establishing the School Tuck Shop. We are very excited to have it ready to go!! We’d just like to explain a little about the philosophy behind it.

Research has shown that children’s concentration and learning is better when they are consuming healthy food as opposed to food that is high in sugar and fat.

Because schools teach children about making healthy food choices it makes sense to back this up by providing healthy food in the Tuck Shop.

We understand that children need to learn to make healthy choices. However, we believe a healthy Tuck Shop rather than one that supplies all food types is a better option for a primary school and this allows parents to guide children’s choices at home. This was strongly supported by the results in the school-wide survey issued last term.

In achieving this goal we have removed ‘junk food’, and foods high in sugar or fat, that have little nutritional value. The current menu is just a starting point. It is our intention to increase the food options available depending on the needs and preferences of the children and we welcome your suggestions. We will be asking for feedback later in the term once the Tuck Shop has been operating for a while, but feel free to email us in the meantime if you have any questions at tuckshop@halswell.school.nz

Please see the following links on how to order your child’s lunch, link to the full menu and link to the ingredients list:

Krystall Cumming
Tuck Shop Co-ordinator

Road Patrol

Road Patrol volunteers are rostered on to oversee the operation of the school crossing on Halswell Road. The duty time is from 8.25am to 9.00am.

Co-ordinator: Rob Naysmith
Contact: rob.naysmith@halswell.school.nz

Sausage Sizzles
The PTA provides a sausage sizzle on Wednesdays. Order in the hall kitchen before school on Wednesdays. Sausages are $2 and funds raised to support school activities such as camps.