Senior Leadership Team

Team Leaders

Ōtūmatua – Years 7 & 8

Ōtāwhito – Years 5 & 6

The Ōtāwhito Learning Centre consists of six T-Groups. T30, T31 and T32 classes are in the Kōwhai Studio and T33, T34 and T45 classes are in the Koreke Studio.

Ōrongomai – Years 3 & 4

The Ōrongomai Learning Centre consists of eight T-Groups. T20, T21 and T22 classes are in the Kererū Studio; T23, T24 and T25 classes are in the Totara Studio and T26 and T27 classes are in Kahu.

Huritini – Years 1 & 2

The Huritini Learning Centre consists of six T-Groups. T10, T13 and T14 classes are in the Tī Kōuka Studio and T11, T12 and T15 classes are in the Whio Studio.

Ahuriri – Years 0 & 1

Performing Arts & STEM

Learning Support

International Director/ESOL