Meet the Teacher Picnic

A “Meet the Teacher” picnic evening is held early each year and gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to have a look around their child’s Learning Centre and meet their teachers to help make a strong connection between home and school. Learning Conferences are also held early in Term 1 and give parents a more formal opportunity to chat with their child’s teacher, share important information and discuss goals and aspirations for the year.

Student Led Learning Conferences

Student Led Learning Conferences are held in the middle of the year. The conference format is:

  • 15 minutes for your child to share their learning with you in their learning centre
  • 15 minute conference with your child’s T group teacher. There is the option to have the last 5 minutes of this time without your child present.

Hero – Our Reporting System

Throughout the year we report to you digitally using Hero, our student management system. During each year teachers will add:

  • Progress and achievement against the Halswell School Expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths (mid and end of year)
  • Wider curriculum  posts showing how your child is developing and progressing across the curriculum. These posts also highlight evidence of your child demonstrating our school values (at least one per term)
  • Enrichment and GAT posts for any child involved in these programmes
  • Current Reading, Writing and Maths goals

This powerpoint helps you to understand your child’s Hero pages.