At the very core of what we are doing is encouraging and enriching learning as we prepare our students better for an uncertain future. We want children to embrace the love of learning, right from their first day to their last at Halswell School.

We believe that children learn effectively when they are in a dynamic learning environment with a strong focus on enabling them to become enthusiastic, inquiring learners. Emphasis is placed on helping students to develop ACTIVE characteristics and positive attitudes that will develop a love of learning. Teachers provide high interest, relevant curriculum programmes that foster the development of students’ thinking skills and promote engagement in learning. Inquiry is a state of mind in all our learning programmes throughout the day for all of our students.

The new school build provides our children with opportunities to experience and develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence, persistence, patience, perceptiveness, communication skills, teamwork skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and leadership skills. These are all skills that will ultimately help in dealing with the difficult challenges life may throw their way.

We view National Standards as an eight year journey. While we are required by law to report against the standards twice a year, we suggest parents are better to focus on real progress across the curriculum, attitude towards learning and their children’s ability to take risks with their learning. The standards measure a narrow band of skills and knowledge. Children’s achievement of these standards, predict only a small fraction of the variance in later life success, and will not adequately capture such qualities as perseverance, self-control, attentiveness, resilience to adversity, openness to experience, empathy, tolerance of diverse opinions and a strong desire to continuing learning through life.

Our strong focus on the school values (Care, Honesty, Respect and Resilience) will assist them to exhibit: resilience; resourcefulness; reflectiveness and reciprocity.