Long Term

Student Visa and Insurance Required (Please note that Halswell School does not arrange insurance)
Tuition Fee for 4 terms: $12,500 (includes GST)
Administration Fee: $500 (non-refundable)
Less than 4 terms but more than 3 months will be invoiced based on the above rate per week plus the $500 administration fee.

Short Term

Dependent on spaces available
4-10 weeks
Visitor Visa and Insurance Required
Tuition Fee: $450 per week (includes GST)
Administration Fee: $250 (non-refundable)

The tuition fee includes all tuition costs in the New Zealand Primary School Curriculum, but does not include:

  • Uniforms, stationery, work books, writing materials and electronic devices
  • Specialised music tuition and associated costs
  • Curriculum on line programmes and Life Education programme
  • Costs associated with any extra-curricular activities; such as optional performances, sports, camps, trips, swimming, itinerant music tuition and after school activities
  • Consumable materials used in subjects such as Year 7 and 8 Technology subjects
  • Specialised assessment if required
  • Any specialist teaching required other than ESOL support dependant on needs
  • NZ school dental and health services
  • Entry into academic competitions

Home Stay Residential Care

Dependent on availability and by special arrangement only.
The student must be 10-13 years old.
$285 per week plus $500 compliance fee for 4 terms. $250 compliance fee for less than 12 weeks. The compliance fee is non-refundable.

Designated Care

The student must be 10-13 years old.
All compliance must be met before approval is granted by Halswell School.
$500 compliance fee per 4 terms non-refundable.

Please note all payments must be for full weeks and will be in accordance with the Enrollment Contract, Refund Policy and Indemnity Contract.
We are unable to arrange accommodation for parents.
For School Term Dates and Public Holidays education.govt.nz
All Enrolments must comply with The New Zealand Education (Pastoral Care if International Students) Code of Practice 2016-Schools and New Zealand Immigration Regulations.