International Student of the Year

Each year an award is made to an International Student who has been an outstanding ambassador to their home country as well as being a highly valued member and contributor to our school community.

2019 Naotaro

Naotaro, our 2019 International Student of the Year, with our International leaders Taylor and Kaleb.

2018 Kevin Sun

Congratulations and thank you to Kevin Sun for his contributions to many extra curricular activites during his time with us.

2017 Jihye Moon

Congratulations to Jihye Moon for being an outstanding International Student and ambassador for South Korea

2016 Leo Li

Leo is an outstanding international student. He contributes fully to all school activities and is a highly valued friend to many. Leo is a skilled sportsman and represents Halswell School in the basketball team. Congratulations Leo!

EunMaro Ju Mathematics Scholarship

Halswell school is very proud and grateful for the annual scholarship donated by our first International student EunMaro. The scholarship is awarded at our annual prize giving to the top Mathematics student in the school.

2019 YeEun

Halswell was very proud of YeEun and her achievements and leadership. Thank you!

2018 Scarlett Dowty

Scarlett Dowty was our top Mathematician for 2018 and was the proud winner of the Eun Maro Ju Scholarship Award.

2017 Matthew Lewis

Congratulations to Matthew Lewis

2016 Liam Murray

Congratulations to Liam – an outstanding Mathematician. Halswell School is very proud of you!

International Student Leaders

Our leaders are part of our leadership programme. They love meeting and helping our new students.

Logan Barnes
Georgia Bunbury
Ruby Friedel
Ava Gledhill

Coby Snowdon
Mihi Freeman

International Ambassador Badges

Theses are awarded to Halswell Students who have helped hosting students as well as students who have shown excellence in taking extra care of International students.