As the world is changing so fast our children need to develop open inquiring minds, be creative, look for innovation and be able to make change.

  • We focus on developing articulate well balanced students with excellent literacy and numeracy skills who can think and act independently.
  • Our curriculum includes a broad range of experiences for all students to be involved in, and love learning for life.
  • The daily timetable ensures all our students are active and engaged.
  • Teachers are highly skilled dedicated professionals who care about each and every child.
  • On going assessment ensures the needs of each child are met and learning is at the right level for them.
  • Technology is an integrated tool for learning.
  • There are are many sporting, music, cultural, performing arts and environmental activities to be part of.
  • Our Year 7/8 students are given extra in depth opportunities through specialised staffing and resources as well as a focus on confidence and leadership.
  • Halswell graduates leave as impressive young people and are sort after by top high schools.