At all levels Guidelines and directives from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education will be followed.

Level 1

  • School operates as normal
  • Effective hygiene practices are promoted
  • Handwashing before eating occurs

Level 2

Attendance and Visitors to School Site

  • All children are expected to be at school during Level 2*
  • Signs put on all entryways saying grounds are closed to the public.
  • Staff to supervise gates when they are open to ensure there is no entry by the public unless they have signed in.
  • Gates are opened for general entry at 8.30am (Band/choir etc may be earlier). Only the two main gates will be opened.
  • Halswell Road patrol will continue to be monitored by parent helpers*.
  • Drop-Off – Parents are encouraged to drop children at the gate or get older children to walk or wheel to school*
  • Pick-up – Gates remain locked until 3pm, then monitored by 3P’s. Caregivers to organise a meeting point with children and encourage walking and wheeling home*. The two main gates plus the Year 7/8 gate will be opened.
  • Afternoon Halswell Road, Road Patrol supervised by 3Ps. Kennedy’s and School Road crossings supervised by Learning teams.
  • Caregivers are encouraged to phone or email teachers/office staff with queries rather than see them in person.
  • Parents or visitors entering the school site must sign in using either the Covid-19 check in, on the SchoolAppNZ app or the vistab in the office. – No exceptions*


  • Teachers’ model and reinforce good hygiene practices (coughing into elbow, handwashing etc).
  • Drinking fountains will be turned off – Children need to bring a full, named, water bottle.
  • Hand sanitiser – by entry doors and used when coming into the learning centre – hand sanitiser at front office for visitors and office staff.
  • Hand washing – children wash and dry hands before eating morning tea and lunch. Hand sanitising/washing before any other eating.
  • Toilets cleaned regularly – door handles and touch points cleaned once daily*. Outside doors of the toilet block to be wedged open so that children do not need to touch handles. Exit and entry signs on the doors to allow for better flow.
  • Unwell children are to stay home. Any children showing any signs of illness will be sent home immediately.
  • Sausage sizzle and tuck shop will not operate.


  • School trips will be postponed or cancelled unless within our school zone and are within a controlled environment where children are not interacting with any other members of the public except a facilitator specific to the activity (e.g Park Ranger at the Quarry – Some sporting events will be able to go ahead without spectators)*.
  • No full school Assemblies will take place.
  • No visiting performances or events for community will take place (e.g – Community information evenings) as this could easily exceed the 100 person (adult) limit.
  • Some events such as parent teacher interviews will be able to take place with additional measures put in place.
  • Kapa Haka, Concert Band, Choir can continue as usual. Space children out where possible*.
  • School gates are locked after hours.
  • Hall and music room community bookings are cancelled.
  • Play and lunch breaks will be at the same times as normal. All play areas will be open as normal*.
  • After school care (Oscar/Kelly Sport), will continue with operators procedures in place*.
  • Gatherings of staff for morning tea/meetings etc are discouraged. No morning teas provided.
  • Friday briefings are in the Hall. All other meetings will be physically distanced.

Transition Plan from Level 2 to 3

The next school day after changing to Level 3, all staff who were due to work that day will attend a Staff Only Day, starting at 8am, to help organise our Distance Learning Programme. Children of essential workers will also be on site.

Level 3

All Level 2 procedures continue with additional procedures as listed. All level two procedure with a * have changed requirements under Level 3

Attendance and Visitors to School Site

  • Only children of essential workers are to attend onsite – distance learning for all other children.
  • All children onsite will predominantly work on the Distance Learning Programme supported by the teachers in their bubble. Teachers will not be taking group or individual lessons but will be supporting children with the work assigned to them remotely from their T group teacher.
  • No visitors/caregivers will be allowed onsite.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up. Children will be given a specific gate to enter and exit from depending on which bubble they are in. Children need to be dropped off between 8:30am and 8:55am and must wait at the designated gate and will be taken by a teacher to their designated learning area. Children will be escorted to the same gate for pick-up at 3pm.


  • All hygiene procedures at level 2 will continue.
  • Children must have their own stationery and device – no sharing of any equipment.
  • PE equipment and any additional equipment will be put together in a kit for each individual child or family group.
  • Specific toilets and hand basins will be allocated for each bubble to use.
  • Door handles and touch points cleaned twice a day.


  • Bubbles of a maximum of 20 children will be formed. These bubbles will be overseen by a small group of regular staff.
  • Each bubble will have their own break times or designated areas to play to avoid contact with other bubbles.
  • Children from the same family will be in the same bubble.
  • Staff will need to stay within their assigned bubble and will need to stay physically distanced from others outside their bubble.
  • The staffroom will be shut for everyone except those in the ‘Office’ bubble. Staff to use facilities in learning centres.

Distance Learning

  • Class Dojo (Years 1-4) and Hapara (Years 5-8) are the main platforms for online learning. Each learning team will provide learning through these platforms.
  • Hard packs will be issued to NE and some younger children who require reading books etc.
  • Device allocation. For children who do not have access to a device for home learning a parent can come and collect one from school. IPad for Years 1-4 and
  • Chromebook for Years 5-8. Parents will need to sign a ‘hire’ form and a spreadsheet record of devices will be kept and maintained by the AP and front office staff.
  • Expectations for students involved in Distance Learning will be shared with parents at the start of level 3
  • Distance learning check-ins with teachers. If teachers have not seen an online presence from a student after three consecutive days they are to inform the appropriate AP who will make contact with the family. This is to check on the family from a compassionate standpoint to check everything is OK for them and to encourage children to engage with online learning.


  • Children will remain in their bubbles while at school so no trips, assemblies or gatherings of any sort will take place.
  • All face to face itinerant lessons will cease however Zoom lessons can take place if appropriate. No itinerant staff allowed on school site (music teachers, RTLB, etc).
  • No after school care will operate.

Transition Plan from Level 2/3 to 4

All staff to meet in a Zoom meeting at 8am the next school day.

Level 4

  • School is closed.
  • All learning is by Distance and Level 3 Distance Learning procedures will be followed.

3P refers to Principal and 2 Associate Principals
The term parent is used interchangeably with caregiver and refers to the child’s guardian.