An ERO review looks at how an early learning service or school reaches positive learning outcomes – knowledge, skills, attitude and habits – for all children and young people.

The 2016 ERO Report made the following comments about Halswell Primary School:

“The school has been through significant change since the 2012 ERO review. This includes a full rebuild following the Canterbury earthquakes.”

“Children now learn in multi-levelled class groups in five large flexible teaching spaces. They are taught by a number of different teachers. Children now have a wider range of facilities and resources to support their learning.”

“The school wants its students to be active learners, develop key competencies and display values such as care, respect, honesty, resilience.”

“High achievement and accelerated progress is particularly evident in reading, and almost half of those children achieving below the National Standard made accelerated progress in 2015.”

“Many school groups and individual children participate with success in a variety of sporting and cultural activities.”

“Since the 2012 ERO evaluation the school has retained the strengths evident at that time and made good progress towards identified areas for improvement.”

“The school is very effective in responding to Māori children whose learning and achievement needs acceleration.”

“School leaders and teachers place a high priority on raising learners’ achievement, accelerating their progress and promoting their independence.”

“Children learn in a supportive, inclusive, learning-focused environment. They benefit from the range of opportunities they have when working with a variety of teachers and their peers. The positive school culture actively promotes children’s sense of belonging and wellbeing.”

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