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The main thing that helped improve my English skills was by being social. If you talk in English a lot your English will get better.
Things that helped my English:
1. Ask questions if you need to.
2.Play and talk with friends.
3.Share your ideas with your class.
4.Read many English books.
5. Focus on the Lexia literacy programme if you are doing it.

This is how I improved my while I was studying at Halswell School

Thank you from Scott and Rina from Seoul

Thank you so much for taking good care of my kids. They had so much experience. Halswell School offered experience that they would never have in Korea. They have grown up so much! I can not thank you and the Halswell community enough for the support that they have shown to Rina and Scott. It was not easy to send the young one so far away from home. But New Zealand is such a great country. It was one of the best decisions that I made for my kids. We all want to visit the country and friends some day again.

Due to my limited English, I am sorry that I could not communicate more efficiently and swiftly. I always appreciate your kindness and understanding.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~! I Love You.

We were thrilled to have famous Korean actors, Jaehee and In-kwon Kim, visit our school to film an episode of the popular TVN Korean programme “Change the Class”.

3 years in Halswell was wonderful. Loved it so much!
I am now back in Korea and I major environmental design.

While at Halswell I remember lots of students and they were all very kind to me including all the international students. And i remember lots of school events such as going to the Arthurs Pass and athletic day(?) and whole lot of things. My experience at NZ and Halswell was absolutely amazing and of course I won’t forget it. Now in Korea I’m 3rd grade in high school which is my last year and I’m preparing for the University next year. Also I’m studing music(compose) at the moment. After going to the Univ I’m planning to go to NZ again with my famlily next year. Hoping for a great time.

I always have very fond memories of my time at Halswell school, the place where I first learnt how to speak English more than 15 years ago.
I still remember my first class vividly, seeing the word ‘Hello’ written in Korean on the white board as I walked into a room full of strangers, many of whom would become my dear friends.
If I had the power to relive the various moments in my life so far, playing tag on the school grounds of Halswell would definitely be on the top of my list!
I am now working as a doctor in Australia as of 2017, and plan to pursue a career in critical care medicine.
Its always a pleasure to see the school growing, and I wish all the best for everyone at Halswell.

When I was at Halswell school, I had a great time with all of my friends and teachers. I learned a lot from the teachers and all of my classmates were nice and friendly. At first, it was little tough to adapt myself to new circumstances. However, my classmates and teachers helped me to get through the difficulties, therefore it was easier to adapt myself to new circumstances. My classmates and I studied the class materials together during classes and we played sports and games after the school was finished. We also went to school events together, like a banquet, parties, and field trips. I always had fun with my friends and they left me with unforgettable memories. This great experience was a turning point of my life and it led me to take a new path.