We believe that children learn effectively when they are in a dynamic learning environment with a strong focus on enabling them to become enthusiastic, inquiring learners. Emphasis is placed on helping students to develop ACTIVE characteristics and positive attitudes that will develop a love of learning. Teachers provide high interest, relevant curriculum programmes that foster the development of students’ thinking skills and promote engagement in learning. Inquiry is a state of mind in all our learning programmes throughout the day for all of our students.

  • The Core Curriculum – English and Mathematics
  • The Contextual Curriculum – Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Physical Education, Technology, Health and Physical Education
  • E- learning, Te Reo and an international perspective are infused throughout our programmes.

Collaborative learning means students are encouraged to offer their perspectives confidently and to listen to, and understand, alternative points of view.

These interactions help students to acquire greater awareness and appreciation of diverse ways of thinking that could extend their own knowledge and understanding. Programmes are widely differentiated to promote success for all our children.

We believe topics should be relevant and exciting to allow children to think and to develop knowledge. All topics are chosen for their interest and challenge for students and contain at least one ‘big idea’ which is significant in the process of understanding our world now and in the future. Integration occurs within topics wherever natural and relevant. Topics are expected to be completed in a two to four week period.

ACTIVE Inquiry Framework in Brief

Activation – this stage activates the children’s prior knowledge and starts the children wondering and asking questions

Discover More – teachers help children to discover the answers to their questions develop questioning, thinking and inquiring skills to help them develop knowledge

Gather it – children reflect on their understanding of the Big idea, challenge attitudes and celebrate learning