We asked our children, parents, whanau, staff and community what they wanted for our students at Halswell School. After much consultation and reference to the new curriculum and Ministry of Education guidelines we created our ACTIVE curriculum.

At Halswell School we all wanted the children to:

  • Do their best, aim high, accept challenges be successful and confident, motivated to reach their full potential.  We call this Achiever.
  • Share, exchange, and convey information effectively and respectfully in a variety of ways using technology, spoken and written language, mathematics and the arts.  We call this Communicator.
  • Wonder about their world and be able to ask questions.  To be reflective, creative and critical thinkers able to solve their problems.  We call this Thinker.
  • Be, able to learn from and work with others work independently or collaboratively, enjoying the diversity of the Halswell school and community.  We call this Interactor.
  • Value opportunities to try new or different activities, engage with their environment and participate in a range of sports and arts.  We call this Versatile Player.
  • Enjoy their school life and develop the love of learning.

School Values

We felt we needed to emphasize some very important values.  These are related to Halswell’s logo. These are:

These have been kept relatively simple in title so they can be expanded and sophisticated as the children mature.  We believe these values will enhance the children’s well-being and citizenship in their community.

Teachers provide high quality programmes that will enthuse children to learn in an environment that is inspiring, positive and accepting, where children can take risks and diversity is celebrated.

We want children to embrace the love of learning, right from their first day to their last at Halswell School.