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Welcome to Halswell School

Halswell Primary School is an exciting and vibrant full primary school in the Christchurch suburb of Halswell.

News and Announcements

Acorns and Daffodils - Cookbook

Click here to visit the 'Acorns and Daffodils' website, for more information and ordering a cookbook.

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New Uniform Update

New Uniform Update

Our new school uniform will be supplied by Argyle Schoolwear and will be able to be purchased through their online shop (http://www.argyleonline.co.nz/) from March 2015.
Argyle will provide a measuring guide to ensure correct sizing and we also intend to stock one of each item in each size at the School Office for trying on.
Once an order is made delivery will take approximately 3-5 working days.

ACTIVE@Halswell Blog

Here is the link to our staff's professional learning journey.

The purpose of this blog is to capture and record the learning journey and professional development of our staff as we transition into the new environment.